We offer 4 levels of tanning beds. Our beds range from 8 – 20 minutes. The Viper Bed is our only stand up bed. We do not take appointments so you can tan whenever you want!

Super Tanning Beds

Super Bed
The Super Bed is your basic 20 minute tanning bed. Super Beds have more UVB bulbs than the other beds we offer. They give you more of a surface tan. Many first time tanners use the super bed. However, it is not necessary to start in the super bed. We have 4 super beds.


Mega Tanning Beds

Mega Bed
Mega beds are also known as our bronzing beds. They are either 12 or 15 minute beds. They contain more UVA bulbs meaning you get a deeper tan that will last longer. When you tan in a mega bed your tan comes out more as the day goes on. We have 6 mega beds.


Ultra Tanning Beds


The Ultra Bed is our highest bed. It is a 12 minute bed with 100% UVA bulbs.  The Ultra bed is also our biggest bed. There is plenty of room to roll around to minimize tan lines. The Ultra Bed also has built in fans to keep you getting too hot during your session.


Viper Tanning Bed

Viper Bed
Our Viper Bed is a stand up bed. It contains reflective bulbs which mimic the way water reflects sunlight. The Viper bed is great for getting rid of tan lines. It is an 8 minute bed.


TUESDAY – 1/2 Price Upgrades

Every Tuesday and Sunday you can upgrade to the next level bed for 1/2 the regular tanning price. This is usually $1 or $2. Most people enjoy this once a week change to enhance their tan!

We also offer UV free Spray On Tanning for $25 per session.